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Our Team

Drawn by the children at Arbor Green

Natalie - Arbor Green Nursery


With over 20 years experience in the childcare sector I have dedicated most of my adult life to providing the best educational setting for children to start their journey in life.

BA Management & Childcare

Forest School Leader 

Froebel in Childcare Practice


Julie - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Line Manager

I started my Arbor Green Nursery journey in 2011 and originally joined to help out at lunchtime but loved it so much I studied for my SVQ Level 3 in Childcare.  With 4 grown-up children of my own, I just love spending time with the younger children and watching them thrive at Arbor Green.    

Louise - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

I have been at Arbor Green Nursery since 2012 and have an SVQ Level 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development.


Outside of nursery I enjoy reading a variety of novels.  

Sonia - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

I began working at Arbor Green in 2011 and hold a SVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care & Education. I am a mum of two and what I love most is watching the children learn and grow at Arbor Green. In my spare time I enjoy running and keeping fit.  

Andrea - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

At the start of 2019 I completed my HNC in Childhood Practice and by October I was working at Arbor Green  Nursery. 

Outside of nursery I enjoy finding new walks to explore with my dog, Benji.

Richie - Arbor Green Nursery


I have been at Arbor Green Nursery since 2017 and am multi talented in various trades including vehicle mechanics, especially my old Volvos.


I enjoy playing the bass, listening to all kinds of music, walking my dog & telling my terrible jokes to anyone who'll listen.  

will drawing_edited.jpg

Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

Hi, my name is Will and I started at Arbor Green in 2023. I have completed my primary teaching degree at the university of Dundee and I'm passionate about child-led learning in nature. 

Angie - Arbor Green Nursery


I have been part of the Arbor Green Family since 2010. During this time, I have completed a BA in Childhood Practice and have attended many Froebel conferences which is an approach I am very passionate about. I love the outdoors and enjoy discos in the garden with the kids. 


Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

I left Arbor Green in June 2021 to move overseas but couldn't be happier to be back. I have my SVQ 3 in Childcare and enjoy working with the children. When not at work I love spending time with my family.  

Aimee - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

I have an SVQ Level 3 in Childcare and have been at Arbor Green since 2019.

Arbor Green is such a fun place to work as you get to see the children enjoying themselves whilst learning at the same time. 


Nursery Assistant

I’ve been working at Arbor Green Nursery since 2021, as I have a passion for the care of children with a mission to develop and support their growth. In my free time, I love being lost in DIY and reading.
I am currently working towards my SVQ level 3 in Children's Care, Learning and Development 

Denise drawing_edited_edited.jpg

Nursery Practitioner 

Hey, my name is Denise and I am originally from Wales. I have been part of the AG team since April 2023. I have recently achieved my HNC Childhood Practice and have  over two years experience working with children. When I'm not at the nursery, I like to walk, read and swim, as well as being outdoors. 


Deputy Manager

I've been part of the Arbor Green family since 2013 and I have achieved my BA in Childhood Practice. I'm passionate about outdoor learning and feel very lucky that we have such a vibrant environment to teach our children in.    

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Sandi - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Lead Practitioner

I have an HNC in early Education and Childcare and am in my second year studying a BSc in Psychology. I love being apart of the team & think the child centred ethos alongside prioritising staff health & wellbeing makes for one of the most positive environments I have worked in. 

Raffa - Arbor Green Nursery

Nursery Chef

I cook and prepare healthy snacks and lunches for the children on a daily basis using the fresh produce grown at Arbor Green.


I have been apart of the Arbor Green family since 2017.  

Ludmila - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

Employed with Arbor Green since November 2020 I began by looking after the children during staff breaks and cleaning the nursery. Now a nursery practitioner with a degree in Secondary Teaching and a Master of Pedagogy. I love to interact with children and see how they develop new skills. Outside of nursery, I love spending time with my family and travelling.  

Lidia drawing_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nursery Practitioner Assistant

Hi! My name is Lidia and I joined Arbor Green Nursery in February 2023. When I am not having fun at the nursery, I love traveling and exploring new places. My most favourite thing to do is go to concerts and live music events. I love cooking and eating yummy food. And of course I love spending time with my family and friends. 

Sammy - Arbor Green Nursery

Outdoor Nursery Practioner

I have been at Arbor Green Nursery since 2019 and have my SVQ level 3 in Childcare.

Originally from South Africa I came to Edinburgh in 2018 with a passion for dancing, art and of course  teaching children. 


Forest School Assistant / Permaculture Designer

I've been working at Arbor Green since 2019 and am studying to become a Forest School leader as well as a Permaculture Designer.

My passion is growing food and I love being able to teach the kids to grow, nurture and ultimately cook their spoils so they can teach others.   


Office Administrator

I work remotely so you won't see me around but I'm there in Spirit! I love spending time with my little 4-year-old boy who I know would love to be part of the Arbor Green family.


Outdoor Nursery Practitioner

In June 2019 I completed my HNC in Childhood Practice and started working at Arbor Green in November 2019.

Outside of nursery I enjoy going to music concerts with my friends.

claire portrait_edited.jpg

Outdoor Nursery Practioner

Hi my name is Claire and I work in the happy hedgehogs garden. I have a HNC in childhood practice and I have a passion for providing sensory and physical experiences outdoors.

In my spare time i enjoy creative writing and playing the guitar. 


Nursery Assistant

I joined the Arbor Green team in November 2021. In my spare time i enjoy spending time with my friends and taking my dog Poppy on big walks. 

Screenshot 2023-10-19 112458.png

Nursery Assistant

 Drawing coming soon!

Ali portrait_edited.jpg

Nursery Assistant

I am from Spain but I've been living here in Scotland for almost 5 years. 


I enjoy outdoor activities and my passion is everything in relation with conservation and wildlife.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 112600.png

Nursery Practitioner

I joined recently so we just waiting on the one of the children to draw me!  I have a HNC qualification in Childhood Practice

Screenshot 2023-10-19 112731.png

Nursery Practitioner



Drawing coming soon!

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