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Child Carrying Vegetables

Nursery Life

 A place to learn, develop and grow happy healthy children

Strawberry picking at Arbor Green Nursery

Arbor Green Nursery has an extensive garden that our children pre Covid-19 could flow in and out from our indoor space freely. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, children are enjoying the garden all day with heated shelters, exceptional outdoor learning activities along with places to grown, prepare and eat food.


Throughout the year our garden space has over 30 types of fruit and vegetables growing including apple trees, a variety of berries, plum trees and rhubarb to tomatoes, potatoes, beetroot and salad greens just to name a few. Arbor Green’s children help plant, nurtured and enjoy the delicious produce that is spread throughout the grounds including our large polytunnel that also houses a classroom.

By teaching the children the hope is to propagate a wider interest within our Arbor Green community to grow and eat their own delicious food.   

Nursery Garden

Arbor Green Nursery pride itself on producing as much food as possible to allow our chef of over 4 years Raffa to delight the children with deliciously healthy and colourful meals throughout the day. What is not grown on-site is bought from local suppliers and contribute to our breakfast buffet, lunch with a healthy treat and an afternoon snack.

At Arbor Green, we don’t just cook in the kitchen as the children love to help pick and prepare food to be baked in our pizza oven such as vegetable pies, tarts and pizzas along with bread and cakes as well as using an open fire to roast vegetables and a storm kettle to drink herbal teas picked straight from the garden.

The freshly picked ingredients are the stars of our food and drinks as we enjoy highlighting produce in the most natural way for the children to learn and enjoy what they have grown.      

Outdoor cooking at Arbor Green Nursery

Nursery Food

Menu Example

Breakfast Buffet

A choice of cereal, fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs,

a type of bread and preserves.

Afternoon Snack

 A choice of fresh fruit, breads, snack bars, fresh vegetables, oatcakes, cheeses, muffins, yoghurt and freshly cooked snacks the children make with the team.

Monday: Vegetarian meatballs and roast potato
Tuesday: Ricotta and vegetable lasagne
Wednesday: Vegetable chilli
Thursday: Lentil curry
Friday: Roast carrot and ginger soup

For dessert, the children will get a selection of fruit

Arbor Green Nursery Buffet Breakfast
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