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Anger Volcano

As part of our Emotions Topic, we made an Anger Volcano! First, we read the "Alligator is Angry" book, which talks about different things which can make us feel angry and what we should do in those situations, then we started our activity. We cut up letters to spell the word "Angry", mixed them up and had to stick them to the paper in the correct spelling, the children then had to draw around the word how they feel when they are angry, then lastly write their name on the drawing.

Everyone had a turn to individually put a spoonful into the bottle, and they told the rest of the group what made them angry while adding a spoon of their "anger" to the volcano. With each ingredient added, we could see the bottle getting fuller and fuller (representing the anger building up) until it exploded! After the volcano stopped erupting, we spoke about different ways we could avoid this happening, and how to settle our anger before we explode.

Here is the Volcano Instructions incase anyone would like to have a go at home!

1) Get an empty plastic bottle

2) Add baking soda

3) Mix food colouring and vinegar together

4) Pour mixture into the bottle and watch the volcano erupt!

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