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Aquatic Exploration

The squid has been a big topic of interest so today as a group we decided to look more closely at this interesting creature! At morning gather time we looked at some footage on our iPad of Squids, examine their movements and were amazed at how fast they could shoot across the screen!

Aa group we began to look at our Unbelievable Underwater Fact cards we learnt that “when under attack, the vampire squid can turn itself inside out” and “the giant squid is the largest creature without a bank bone. The largest that has been recorded was almost 60 feet long” and giant which led into us speaking about foot lengths because our feet are clearly not as long and a foot measurement

No day in our group is complete without crafting something, so we looked through our junk modelling supplies and began to plan out how we could make squid! They painted plastic bottles with their favorite colour then threaded ribbons through holes at the bottom of the bottle to form tentacles. We attached a string to the top of the squid, attached the cardboard top to the main body.

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