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Arbor Green Olympics - Week 2

After a well-deserved break, our relaxed athletes were back and ready to compete on day 1 of week 2 Arbor Green Olympics starting at the imaginary diving pool. After enthusiastically learning about diving as an Olympic sport and getting inspiration from Tom Daley and Matty Lee, the children partook in a diving competition, competing against and judging their peers on who could jump to make the smallest splash.

We spoke about ways we could use our bodies to create little to no splash, with the children deciding that making themselves small and skinny would make the smallest splash in the pool. A diving platform was prepared, the children lined up jumping off one by one attempting to make the smallest splash with judges (their peers) flashing their scores on cards. A brilliant start to week 2 with very little splash we continue to be up the top of the leader board.

Day 2 of week 2 saw the children limbering up to participate in gymnastics focusing on their floor routine. After watching footage of a floor routine, the children jumped, leapt, twisted and rolled on padded mats in front of their cheering peers.

On our last day of competitions, the children stepped into the athletics stadium with the long jump being their last Olympic event of 2021. Watching footage of previous Olympic long jump events to learn technique, the children leapt to Olympic glory, with some reaching almost 3 feet. Gold gold gold for Arbor Green!

What an amazing Olympic games! Make sure you watch out for our brilliant athletes in Paris 2024.

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