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Surviving In Nature - Camping Activity

Updated: May 11, 2021

Our learning theme is about nature throughout the ages. Through this we are learning about cave men, how they survived and how we explore nature now.

Planning the camping activity started a week beforehand with the children exploring the idea of survival and what that would entail whilst camping, along with how we have evolved from cave men and how we needed to adapt in order to survive in nature.

The children made lists of what they wanted to do and what they needed for our day of camping. The children went home and told their parents what was happening to prepare themselves for the day. A family was so excited about the camping day they were a week early!

When our camping day arrived, we built a tent and made a fire that cooked our morning snack of porridge, vegetarian sausages for lunch and then we used the ashes to paint.

The children loved their camping experience at nursery and we would love to hear about your camping experience at home or out in the wilderness just use our comments section below.

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