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Did We Win The Pumpkin Competition?

Last week the children harvested sunflowers and pumpkins they planted in May. Before harvesting, we reminded the group of some facts they had learnt at the start of the year including how big pumpkins and sunflowers can get along with how long they take to grow.

After the discussion, we skipped over to the garden where our sunflowers and pumpkins were growing. Measuring the sunflower, the children noted its height was a lot taller than our original 100cm measuring stick we made in May. Counting in tens, the children measured the sunflower to be 200cm tall! We then removed two sunflower heads to be taken back to our area to collect their seeds.

Finding our pumpkin, we cut its stem and, the children took turns holding this pumpkin they had grown from seed. Returning to our area, we were delighted to put the pumpkin on the digital scales to find out it weighed a whopping 2031 grams! We think this is more than enough to win the pumpkin competition this year.

After weighing the pumpkin, the children plucked the sunflower seeds out of the sunflower head and placed them in a container, saving the seeds to be used to grow more sunflowers next year.

Did you grow pumpkins or sunflowers this year? If so, tell us about them. We would love to hear how tall they got and if your pumpkin weighed more than ours.

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