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Dinosaur Ribbon Threading

The children, enthralled by our topic, Dinosaurs dived right in speaking at gathering time about herbivores,

omnivores and carnivores and what they eat. We went around the group and said different dinosaurs, discussing what each ate and what category they fit. The children then discussed what they eat, leading them to assign what category they fit into.

After snack, the children decided what dinosaurs they would like to use to complete their ribbon threading activity. They then chose ribbons and set off decorating cardboard herbivores and carnivores by threading coloured ribbons through holes all over the dinosaur’s body.

From all the stars constellations we did back in July, the children threaded the ribbon with ease! Using a confident and strong pincer grip as they

threaded the ribbon in and out of the holes. Whilst the children threaded, we spoke about how the T-Rex is a carnivore and pointed out the differences between the carnivore and herbivore dinosaurs.

The children learnt the three different categories of dinosaurs, what they ate and how what they ate impacted how they looked and what they are called. Learning what everyone else eats in our group the children then linked everyone back to being either a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore learning people are different as well.

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