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Today we have been learning about giraffes.

I brought in cardboard paper rolls to make some. The children painted yellow first on all the rolls. After we let it get dry I asked the children what do you think we are missing now guys? They talked about the spots and I asked to them what colour they should be. Some of them said brown and other said black, we were learning how the word is spelt.

When the yellow paint was dry, we started to paint brown dots around the roll. I asked to them to draw the eyes and a really big smile. The children helped me paint the trunk of a tree, then we collected some brunches and leaves from the garden to stick on the trunk, we also collected from inside the nursery and some old decorations some vines and lianas to finish decorating our jungle wall.

Now we are ready to start hunting our favourite animals from the jungle. After finishing all the paint and decoration activities, I played a video to the children to learn about different facts about the giraffes the most surprising fact was that the giraffes just sleeps 30 minutes a day.

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