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Harvesting and gardening

Updated: Apr 3

This week, our little explorers embarked on an enchanting journey into the world of gardening, where they discovered the joy of harvesting and smelling fresh herbs.

The children ventured into the garden with enthusiasm and with gentle care, they harvested an array of aromatic herbs, potatoes, spring onions amongst other things.

As they held the freshly harvested herbs in their hands, they rubbed the leaves between their fingers, inhaling to savor the delightful scents that filled the air. From the sweet fragrance of mint to the earthy aroma of rosemary, each herb offered a unique experience that sparked joy and wonder.


As we harvested our crop we are reminded of the profound connection between nature and learning. Through hands-on activities like harvesting and smelling fresh herbs, our children are not only discovering the wonders of the natural world but also cultivating a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity that surrounds them.

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