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Identifying Emotions In Times Of Change

A couple of weeks, ago some of our younger children graduated from our baby area, Bouncing Bunnies,

into the Happy Hedgehog Garden full time. Before they graduated, we started reading and discussing the international bestseller book The Colour Monster, which helps young readers identify emotions and feel more in control by using colours.

They learnt certain emotions are linked to different colours, with yellow representing happiness, blue - sad, green - clam, red - anger, pink - love and black - fear. The children then painted stones in each of the colours. Once they were dry, placed the stones into jars filling them with that emotion.

At gather times, throughout their transition to the garden, we would incorporate The Colour Monster using the stones to help us talk about our emotions and how we’re feeling. Other activities included linking the photo of the colour to its name and the emotion it represents. We also discussed how our emotions can sometimes feel all mixed up and how that is ok.

At Arbor Green Nursery, we are dedicated to the mental health of our children and staff thus creating a wonderful and caring learning environment for all to thrive.

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