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International Woman's Day

International women’s day 💜 Sonia brought her medals in to show us and to celebrate woman in sport 🏃‍♀️ We talked about what the medals where for and what other reasons we may get medals. Children were given the chance to explore them, feel them put one on if they wanted which we were excited about.

There was comments as to “why are they not all circles and some are different shapes” “did you get them for winning” We then explained to the children the importance of not just winning but taking part and trying hard. We then asked the children if they would like to draw a picture of their strong lady in their life. A few children wanted to keep the medals to take home so I suggested we made our own medals which seemed to be a good idea 🏅

We started medal making and the children chose the shape of her medal and then covered them in foil and ribbon

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