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Pick Up Litter

Day 29 of our 30 Days Wild Challenge was to pick up litter, sweep the area for rubbish and pop it in the bin.

The children sat down and discussed what rubbish and litter are. We came to the conclusion that any paper, plastic, leaves and sticks on the ground in our area is rubbish, as well as, frayed ribbons and loose stuffing on the ground.

To help with our rubbish collection we made buckets from the bottom of plastic bottles and then went around our area filling our buckets with tiny pieces of rubbish. We learnt that if everyone picks up a little bit of rubbish it adds up to quite a large amount.

If you participated in picking up litter for day 29 of the 30 Days Wild Challenge then please share your experience with us via learning journals, our blog or social pages.

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