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In spring, we planted sunflower seeds and have been waiting very patiently for them to grow. As they’ve grown, we’ve been learning how to take care of them and help them grow by watering when their soil is too dry.

Over the past few weeks, what started as a small seed has finally bloomed into a magnificent sunflower. The children have loved coming into nursery every morning to see their flowers develop.

Once our sunflowers were in full bloom, we created labels for the stem, petals, roots and leaves. The children took turns putting the labels on the correct part of the sunflower. We then measured the sunflowers to see which one was the smallest and tallest whilst each child stood next to the sunflowers, comparing their heights to their sunflower. The children also loved painting pictures of their sunflowers to take home and put on the fridge.

Did your sunflowers bloom this year? We would love to see pictures of them!

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