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Today we learned about the season of winter. We explore how winter affect plants,animals and even ourselves. After talking a little about some characteristics of winter we decided to explore the winter season in the arctic and the animals that are able to live in such as low temperatures.

We prepared 3 different trays for the children that demonstrated 3 diverse environments: Arctic, Savanna, Ocean. Children had to close their eyes and reach out their hands. Then Ali put various animals into their hands, they had to match each animal with to the appropriate environment.

We hid some plastic rubbish on the trays and when these items were found by them, we discussed why plastic couses damages to the environment and how they think plastic can travel such a long distances and what we can do to prevent this.

Moreover, we went into the caravan we had deep conversations with the children on the Arctic, and the animals living there.

Previously the polar bear seemed to be most intresting animal among the children for example the size of its feet amazed them.

Because of this we showed the size of the paw's and they had the chance to compare the size of their feet with that of the polar bear.

Finally, interesting facts were shared with children about Arctic animals. For example penguins stay very close to each other to stay warm in the very cold weather.


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