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World Braille Day

Last week Tuesday, January 4, was World Braille Day. At morning gather time, we spoke about, what braille is, who uses braille to read, and its creator Louis Braille.

As a group, the children looked at the braille alphabet and pointed out the letters in their names. Eager to make their names in braille, I drew each letter of the alphabet separately and used pipe cleaners below to create braille dots to mimic the letters above. The children explored the pipe clearer bumps and found their letters.

Using cardboard with their names written on top and holes below the children were also able to mimic the pattern of each letter on their piece of card using different coloured pipe cleaners.

While recognising some people need braille to read, the children also learnt about other modifications and help that people need in their life. Most importantly, they understand we are all different, unique and special in our own way.

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