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Write A Wild Poem

The last day of our 30 Days Wild Challenge - Day 30 was to write a wild poem. Use a haiku or sonnet to recreate a wild experience.

We sat down as a group to discuss and reflect on the past 30 days of wild experiences.

Everyone in the group spoke about their favourite day.

We created a mind map of words we learnt, activities we enjoyed and experiences that stood out.

Using the words and experiences out of our mind map, we created a poem.

Hearing the birds tweet.

Touching the grass with our feet.

Pick a white daisy.

Watching the clouds be lazy.

Seeing the water shimmer in the sun.

Once we had created a poem, everyone either wrote the poem out, traced the words and all the children drew pictures of wild things around the poem.

If you've done this challenge at home, please share how you completed the challenge in learning journals. We would love to see it!


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