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Arbor Green Olympics - Week 1

For the last two weeks, the world has watched, cheered and gasped as athletes from every part of the globe came together to compete on the biggest sporting stage at the Tokyo Olympics. Fully embracing the Olympic spirit, the children of Arbor Green have been learning and competing in their very own Olympic sports, showcasing the future of sporting talent coming out of Scotland.


Day 1 of Arbor Green Olympics saw the children participating in rhythmic gymnastics and table tennis. With no government funding allocated for these athletes, the children made their equipment using ribbons on sticks for rhythmic gymnastics and constructing paddle bats for table tennis. It was a tight competition with children showcasing their best dance moves with ribbon sticks to get the UK on the medals table. Next was the table tennis tournament with substantial back and forth action, children demonstrating hand-eye coordination whilst being cheered on by their peers.

Inspired by Dina Asher-Smith and Laura Muir day 2 of Arbor Green Olympics took on the 20m timed running race with relays. The children loved working together and using their gross motor skills to propel them around the course using spatial awareness and number recognition to complete their activity. Course records were smashed all day, taking the UK up the leader board in medals.

Day 3 was all about rowing. Children learned about rowing races in the Olympics and participated in a group stationary rowing race using crates as boats and plastic bottles for oars. The children, listening attentively, set off with a pace when the official (Alice) shouted ‘ready, set go’! Commentary was made by their peers on the sidelines, informing athletes who was in the lead and eventually the winner. All the children competed marvellously and celebrated by making their very own gold medals.

Stay tuned for more action in week 2 of Arbor Green Olympics.


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