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Arbor Green Space Race

The 21st-century space race has taken off with Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos showing their might by launching themselves into space this year, but there is another contender on the scene that’s name is not Elon but Arbor Green. The children of Arbor Green have begun their transit to astronauts whilst becoming experts in planets and star constellations in our solar system.

To equip them for their epic journey into space, the children have gathered knowledge about each planet. A game ensued with the children drawing each planet on the grass. Using the facts they learned, the children moved between the planets skipping, hopping, crawling, jumping or moving slow or fast, to determine the destination. Creating a space race!

Starting with simple facts, “go to the biggest planet in our solar system” to “go to the planet we live on” the activity built on complexity as the space race continued with the children asked to “go to the windiest planet” and finally “go to the planet with the most moons.”

The children showed great listening and gross motor skills to complete their mission and become one step closer to the stars. We would love to see how you can develop this activity at home. Draw the planets and create your space race. We would love to hear how you came to your final destination.

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