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Exploring Feelings & Emotions

Updated: May 11, 2021

The transition book we used throughout the nursery for returning after lock down for the over two’s was 'The Colour Monster'. The Colour Monster explores feelings and emotions through colour.

The children within Lucy, Iraia and Anna’s bubble have been creating their very own colour monsters. Using themselves as outlines and painting the outlines all the different colours like the monster in the book when he has been feeling 'mixed up'.

The children from Nikkie, Alice & Frankie’s bubble made their own jars to hold their emotions like the book and carried out an emotion’s scavenger hunt.

The children have been able to use this knowledge on emotions to describe how they are feeling throughout the day and in particular situations at nursery. We have made a communications area where the children can talk about their emotions, especially if someone has made them feel sad, hurt or angry so that they can work out why they feel that way and what can be done to make them feel better.

We have continued this theme by exploring and talking about our emotions at gather times and throughout other activities. This activity has led the children to talk about their emotions more at home.

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