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Trip to Museum

Today some of us went on a trip to the museum. While getting ready in the morning, we went over our outings risk assessment and discussed the different risks of being out in our local community, such as what we should do if we were to get lost in the museum and needed help. Then, we walked round to the bus stop while holding hands in our groups, and waited for the bus. When we were on the bus, we saw the Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and even saw a train leaving the train station which everyone was very excited about.

When we arrived at the museum, we set off to the Transport and Science section to have a look around. We saw racing cars, a hot air balloon and had a look at Dolly the sheep. Before we knew it, it was time to head off to our table for lunch where we chatted about what we had seen so far. After lunch, we decided to visit the play section in the animal area where there was lots of interactive games to play and have a little run about before getting the bus back to Nursery.

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