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Raffa's Flapjack's

Our lovely Raffa has written her recipe for you all to try at home.

Oats 400 g

Golden syrup 125 g

Whole cane sugar 125 g (I only use 40 g)

Butter 125 g

Dark chocolate chips 100 g ( however, can either use raspberries, raisins etc)

Salt up to 1 pinch

Put in a pan the butter, sugar, salt and golden syrup , heat over low heat (without boiling) when everything is melted, switch off and let it cool down. Add the mixture into the oats, put in a baking tray and in the preheated oven 150° for about 30 minutes.

Happy baking!

We would love to see the flapjacks you made. Send us a picture of the flapjacks including any alternative ingredients you used in the comments section

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